Fortunately, you can always create a will that will allow you to designate your partner as the beneficiary of your estate after your death. A lawyer with experience in Arizona`s cohabitation and estate planning laws can help you prepare these documents so that they are valid and legally applicable. Unmarried couples have not always had the opportunity to enter into contracts to provide some of the protection of marriage without actually marrying. After some litigation in this case, it is fairly well established that there are three legal bases for entering into non-marital agreements. Cohabitation has become popular in Arizona. There are many reasons why a couple can choose to live together. Cohabitation is often seen as a first step towards marriage, but it can also be cheaper than marriage or an option for same-sex couples who cannot legally marry. Whatever your reason for living together, unless you solidify your partnership with a legally binding document, the law may ignore your relationship in the event of death or departure. That`s why it`s important that you seek a qualified family lawyer in Arizona to discuss your cohabitation agreement. Unmarried couples who live together have the opportunity to produce a number of legal documents (often referred to as «cohabitation agreements») that can help protect their rights as a couple while protecting their individual interests and assets. Since unmarried couples living together may one day be separated, especially outside the legal ties and social institution of marriage, it is wise to plan ahead to avoid future conflicts. This subsection contains information about when you need an agreement on cohabitation, what they can do for you, how they can be designed in different ways, and related issues such as wills and permanent power. Regardless of the closeness of your relationship with your domestic partner, cohabitation does not entitle legally married couples to the rights.

For security reasons, it is essential that you and your national partner specify your rights, obligations and agreements in a legally binding contract (oral, written) before separation, split or death. Cohabitation agreements with the help of a family lawyer in Arizona can then help clarify your property, your financial capacity and the value of your relationship. Cohabitation or cohabitation in a non-jugal relationship does not automatically allow any of the parties to automatically acquire rights to the property of the other party acquired during the common life. However, adults who have voluntarily cohabited and have sex may enter into a contract to determine the parties` respective rights and obligations with respect to their income and property they have acquired from their income during the non-marital relationship. While parties to a non-marital union cannot legitimately agree to pay for the provision of sexual services, they may agree to pool their income and keep all assets acquired during the relationship separately, in common or under common ownership.