Billboard leasing is a novelty in real estate. Many property owners find better value for their billboards when they use their strategic position. Most display companies use a certain equation when determining how much they can properly pay to a billboard rental company. It is often based on the potential value of the revenue a billboard can generate in a year. On average, a billboard, which generates an annual income of $24,000, will bring about a monthly rental income of $1,500 to $2000. At most, Billboard owners should understand the market value of their billboards to know how much rates they can reasonably charge Potential Billboard tenants. When it comes to revenue-generating commercial real estate, most investors are well aware of primary sources — but secondary and tertiary sources, such as tablets, open up a whole new source of electricity. At the same time, digital technological advances are expanding the opportunities to win indoors, such as advertising opportunities in elevators and lobby. At Morris Southeast Group, our professionals are only qualified to help you get the most out of your investment. For more information on real estate investment opportunities, property management and/or other services, call us at 954.474.1776. You can also contact Ken Morris directly at 954.240.4400 or by email at

For example, when roads develop, the government can take private land as long as they pay for it. This oversimplification of the eminent domain is important to think about how this would affect your lease. They want to know if such a measure would terminate the lease and who would receive the money for the land. But you have to be fair. It will be about 10 years before the display company refunds the sign before it earns a penny, and now you have received money all the time and you have no investment in the shield. The redundancy provision should apply only to situations where the sign must be reduced in the context of a new development. Not just the land sold. And even less for a condition, at the discretion of the owner of the land.

Before exploring the possibilities of ordering display structures on the roof or exterior wall of your building or on certain lots along I-95, there are a few things to consider. So here are some of the first things you need in a good basic lease, from the point of view of the landowner. Outdoor advertising has become so popular and so numerous that billboards have finally been considered blue – and many cities and jurisdictions have established a list of rules and regulations to curb their circulation. Despite the pushback, they remained an opportunity to generate additional revenue from a roof, wall or vacant lot on a busy road.