We now see recent cases where even witnesses of unethical behaviour can be legally held accountable. The question is what are the ethical responsibilities of the executive assistants. Does the landscape of responsibilities change when bound by a confidentiality or confidentiality agreement? The fear is therefore sufficient that, in many cases, loyalty will be seen as a much greater than ethical behaviour. In a recent Washington Post article, the assistant to a popular showrunner in Los Angeles spoke about the condition of anonymity and said, «You are not in a position where you have a distant lever type without effect, and you are extremely interchangeable. There are very few things worth talking about, because if and if you decide to do so, it`s over. So, yes, it happens in church as well. I even apologized to an episcopal assistant (who became bishop of the AV state) for what happened to me in the NC in the ordination process, and I received a little doubt the title of «sacrificial lamb» (without irony). To make me feel better, he said that my experience has led the diocese to change its process and make it fairer for others. But the damage was inflicted on me and would not be undone. Injustice, for sure. And I guess a lot of women (and men) have done the same for them. But who would I have reported (or most people) for a possible repair? No one. I went on and made my life the best I could do. And with wonderful friends and loved ones like you, I hope that in my little corner of the Pacific Northwest, I was able to help «beautify the world.

Funny, no one called you. provided the assistant is female and the executive is male. It`s 2019! Keen and informative. I`m going to read it for all future AAs! Thanks for taking the time of this, I had trouble articulating expectations regarding privacy and why the EA position can`t be «friends» with employees. You`ve done a great job here. As an assistant to management, you are an extension of your leader in everything you do. You are an important member of the management team, and you will be familiar with sensitive information, from pay gaps to internal conflicts. If you have the tact and discretion to treat confidential information with caution and respect, your management and colleagues will show that you are reliable and trustworthy. Executive assistants are the backbone of companies and the appropriate arms for their executives. They are constantly invited to continue their professional development in their EA careers in order to become indispensable. The role of an EA has changed, and AAs are now more than ever seen as trading partners and an expansion of their leader.

In my own career, I only encountered a situation where I felt uncomfortable with a particular decision from my employer. I have not been able to address the issue with the executive or other members of management without risking getting into trouble with their parties, reducing our relationship and thus losing my effectiveness in the organization. Honestly, I was concerned about the loss of my job when I was about to retire and the age at which I would face if I had to find another job. I also knew very well that I did not have access to all the facts and that, therefore, I could not see the full picture. So I didn`t ask for the floor. If I had been younger, I might have done so, regardless of the risk. Or if the situation had gotten worse, I might have expressed my ethical concerns and, if they had been ignored, I would have chosen to report them higher up the chain or leave the organization. The hard truth is that many assistants fear being replaced when they talk about unethical behaviour in the workplace. Brokering sensitive information with professionalism and good judgments about confidentiality will impress your manager and allow them to count on you to protect and grow their business.