[«Buyer`s Indemnified Costs» means (a) all agency fees indemnified by Buyer, (b) all Buyer`s Indemnified Liabilities, (c) all Buyer`s Indemnified Tax Costs, (d) all damages, losses, claims, liabilities, claims, claims, costs, suits, penalties, costs and expenses (including legal fees and reasonable attorneys` fees and expenses incurred in connection with the investigation and preparation of a dispute or proceedings), arising from one of the parties released to the Buyer and arising from a breach by the Seller of any dispute or proceeding. other terms or agreements under this Agreement or any other transaction document executed in connection with this document, and (e) [INSERT ADDITIONAL CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC COSTS].] Both parties must respect the agreement and all those referred to in Article XIII. Additional terms and conditions. If the buyer of the warehouse agrees with the content of this agreement, he must enter the line «Signature of the buyer» in accordance with article «XIV. Entire Contract» and sign it. Immediately after this deed, the buyer of the signature must enter the current «date» in the next line. The buyer or buyer must also include their name printed on the last blank line of this section. A lawyer can help clarify that the obligation to pay compensation is limited to the parties entering into this share purchase agreement. In addition, a lawyer will indicate whether the shareholders of the company will compensate the buyer. Because they deal with the sale and purchase of shares, PPSs are subject to applicable securities laws. This can result in penalties and even federal fees and costly court fees. In the case of an acquisition of assets, the buyer acquires only the assets and liabilities that he identifies and agrees to acquire them and take them back from the seller. Upon a share purchase, the purchaser acquires the outstanding shares of the target company (usually all outstanding shares of the target company) and legally acquires all assets, rights and liabilities of the target company (including undisclosed or unknown liabilities). (c) Contributions.

The full payment of all amounts that the company must have made as contributions under applicable law or an employee pension plan or benefit plan agreement in which the company participates at the time of this publication. The corporation has established appropriate provisions for reserves in the annual financial statements to make contributions that have not been made because they are not yet due under an employee pension plan or related agreements. «Material Adverse Effects» means a material adverse effect on the Company`s business, operation, ownership, condition (financial or otherwise), results of operations or assets, liabilities or prospects, with the exception of [_ Continue to conduct its business as currently conducted and duly qualified and in good standing in any jurisdiction where the absence of such qualification would have a material adverse effect on the Business. The Seller has provided the Buyer with true and complete copies of the Company`s articles of association, articles of association, protocol books and records of issue and transfer of shares. The counterpart of the shares is usually in cash, shares or a combination of cash and shares. Note that cash and stock purchases may have different tax implications. A tax lawyer to advise you on the tax implications of the transaction. 2.4. Trust funds. Upon closing, the Purchaser must deposit the Trust Fund in an escrow account from the Closing Date in a form mutually agreed upon by the parties in accordance with the terms of a trust agreement (the «Trust Agreement»). The trust fund shall be used to fulfil the seller`s obligations to indemnify the buyer and the company in accordance with Article VII. The fifth section, titled «V.

Deposit,» contains two checkbox options that may be able to define whether or not a deposit is required before the purchase is made. One of them must be selected and applied so that the other can be dismissed as not applicable. If a deposit must be submitted before the closing date, check the box labeled «Required» and note the dollar amount (numerically) of the deposit in the empty line after the dollar sign. If a deposit is required, proceed to the next blank line (before the term «calendar days»). Here, you must specify the number of days after the effective date of this Agreement on which the amount of the deposit defined above must be submitted by the Buyer. If no deposit is required, leave the first field unattended and check the second box (corresponding to the term «Don`t do it») to indicate that the buyer will not be charged to submit a deposit amount before the closing date. Any of the above addresses may be changed at any time by means of a notification as set out above; provided, however, that such a change of address does not take effect until it is received. All notices, requests or instructions given in accordance with this Agreement shall be deemed to have been received on the day of delivery if delivered in person, on the day of receipt if faxed, three (3) business days after the date of shipment if sent by registered mail or registered letter, acknowledgment of receipt requested, and one (1) business day after the date of shipment. if they are sent by FedEx or another nationally recognized night courier service. Restrictive covenants govern the actions that the buyer and the sale can take between signing and closing.

Restrictive covenants also form the basis of closing conditions and remuneration. Restrictive covenants may cover a wide range of matters that generally fall into the categories of the Company`s operations, efforts to close the transaction and financing. The covenants described in this Article 6 are indicative. A lawyer can help you determine the restrictive covenants applicable to your transaction. If there are multiple sellers, a lawyer can add language to describe how the purchase price is distributed among the sellers. When it`s time to work out the agreement needed to solidify a stock purchase, look for the «PDF», «Word» and «ODT» buttons that appear in the caption area of the preview image or in the «Adobe PDF», «MS Word» and «OpenDocument» links above. All the elements mentioned here can be used to download the desired template in the format or file type that acts as a link or button label. Select the model version you want, and then save it to your system or cloud in an accessible folder. The scope of the investigation broadens or restricts the definition. For example, «actual knowledge» without an investigation requirement is a limited definition. On the other hand, the knowledge attributed to an individual who might be expected to become aware of a position-based fact is an expansive definition.