– AnyDesk works well. In a way, I find the interface quite strange. But it should be perfect for the situation in which you help your friends and family. By default, the user is asked if any inbound connection should be allowed. I`m trying to launch teamviewer and get TeamViewer ID via the ssh console with this command: Popup warnings are generated automatically and can only be disabled by assigning a TeamViewer license to your device or TeamViewer account. You may need to restart the teamviewer demon with $teamviewer-daemon. Existing customers and already your customer portal activated? Click here to simply update or change your current license. I got the same e-mail. Only always used to connect to my home PC when I`m not at home. But here`s… I didn`t use it months ago (after neutering some security features in the free version). So either they are active to try to deceive users or they are incompetent. They are not locked in any of the types of licenses listed above.

Whether you need to add simultaneous sessions (channels) or customize a business license, we have configuration options that meet your needs. They`ve become so pestilent lately. I feel like they`ve undergone some management shakeup and come to the point of full intimidation to get rid of free users. What for? Hit me! – The free NoMachine is good. However, it requires knowing the remote IP or getting a dynamic DNS address. And it uses the user/local user`s passport by default for authentication. It`s just as safe as the account password (so probably not much). To change this, it is necessary to modify the configuration files and use the command line. It has many features, but AnyDesk does not, as for example. B connection with remote drives/printers/networks, etc. So this is a good choice for use on your (s) device (s). For universities and schools, we offer education licenses.

But I did not succeed because of the fact that it is necessary to accept the license agreement from the first launch. So I try to start with -X-touch via SSH, but this window with accepting the license agreement key doesn`t appear! Only if the license is not accepted does the error message window appear. Includes 15 licensed users, which allows 1 user to log in at the same time, teamViewer is offered free to everyone for non-commercial personal use – and most of our users play the rules by acquiring a license if they want to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes. Find the right license that meets your needs. Look at our available addons, z.B. Support for mobile devices. However, we have taken steps to ensure that our software is not used for commercial and therefore illegal activities without an appropriate license. So I thought, okay, it might look like a small business, but after seeing that so many of them came out, I think they just blew up their user base in spam.