Your lease is the cornerstone of the relationship between you and your tenant. It is essential that you understand your lease and make it aware of changes to the law. Unfortunately, avocados are expensive and supermarket rental contracts are completely obsolete. Renting commercial space is a big responsibility – the success or failure of a business can lead to certain lease conditions. Make sure you clearly understand all the terms of the lease and explain them to your tenant. Do you have documentation that complies with the law? Do you have access to the right supplements for each lease? The package includes more than 22 documents, including CPA-compliant and non-CPA-compliant rental contracts (for tenants excluded from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act), rental application forms, guarantees, decisions, mandates, communications (e.g. .B. Notice of cancellation, cancellation and resignation, inspection documents and more. In collaboration with attorney Marlon Shevelew, Tenant Profile Network has created standardized documentation kits for the residential and commercial real estate market, which owners, landlords and tenants can rely on to secure contracts between all parties to a lease agreement. Can you really afford to rent real estate without this leasing package? Click-through access directly from PDF or Word agreements to our rechtswiki to give you access to simple legal explanations at no additional cost. THE FAQs and legal journals that are regularly grouped and updated for the rental sector members receive every two months newsletters with references to current jurisprudence and examples of their application. Access to the latest electronic pdf forms or Word versions of all documents directly from our website.

. The South African rental industry is regulated by a large number of legislative works. Existing and new laws are subject to ongoing review, revision or in-depth revision. Our lawyers constantly update the documents to adapt them to the latest case law – you have free access to all updates while you are subscribed….