(1) the reasonable and actual costs borne directly by the proponent for the subcontractor`s participation in a VISTA project; and (d) subject to a maximum amount and at the discretion of CNCS, a VISTA may receive a quantity of baggage for the actual cost of transporting personal items to the project site to which VISTA is assigned, as defined by CNCS. (a) Within 10 calendar days after the issuance of the decision of the competent State Programme Director to terminate VISTA for reasons as yet unpublished, vista may address the decision to the competent territory chief. The appeal must be written down and indicate the reasons for VISTA`s rejection of the decision. (e) a sponsor does not receive payment or on behalf of the sub-recipient for the costs of VISTA assistance, except in two limited cases: Memorandum of Understanding means a written agreement between CNCS and a sponsor on the terms of the sponsor`s participation and responsibilities in the VISTA program. b) If CNCS` decision disclosure is based on a special fee for the promoter`s non-compliance with the applicable terms or conditions of a contract, grant agreement or applicable Memorandum of Understanding, the notice gives the sponsor a time frame to respond in writing to the affidavit or other supporting documents and request an informal hearing before an agreed-upon impartial auditor. The power of such an auditor is limited to the conduct of the hearing and the recommendation to the CNCS. Whether or not an informal hearing takes place, CNCS retains full authority to make the final decision to refuse or, if necessary, to reduce VISTA assistance. Cost participation means that a company, for example, a VISTA sponsor. B the CNCS part or all costs related to the operation of a VISTA project. B reimburses the costs of one or more VISTAs, executives or summer employees placed in a VISTA project.

(3) non-compliance with the applicable conditions or conditions of an applicable contract, grant agreement or memorandum of understanding; In certain circumstances, as indicated in the provisions of No. 2556.330 to 2556.335, CNCS may pay appropriate defence costs in the context of legal or administrative proceedings in defence of a VISTA service in the VISTA program. These covered legal costs consist of legal fees, court costs, bail and other expenses that do not matter to the legal defence of a VISTA. (6) These questions relating to actions taken or not by a VISTA sponsor or a sub-recipient or CNCS in accordance with or to fulfill the terms of a contract, grant or other agreement relating to the VISTA program. (d) Subject to CNCS` review and approval, CNCS may enter into an agreement with another organization to obtain and use funds to make contributions on behalf of the sponsor. (a) A life support is provided to UN VISTA, calculated on the basis of a daily rate. Life allowances vary depending on the cost of living locally in the project area where VISTA is allocated. (b) A sponsor must make timely contributions to costs in accordance with the CNCS and existing federal laws and regulations. (d) If CNCS` proposed decision is based on inefficient resource management or significant non-compliance with cncS policy and general objectives under an applicable contract, grant agreement or memorandum of understanding, CNCS informs the proponent of the proposed decision of the possibility of not refusing or reducing VISTA assistance. , as needed.