Model nanny family employment contract This contract between the hiring family ( hereinafter referred to as family) and the childcare provider (hereinafter referred to as nanny) is in force for a period of one year from the date of signature of both parties. Family. The nanny must complete one (1) of the following IRS forms: a nanny contract is not mandatory, but it would be a good idea to have it. It commits you and your nanny to an agreement on the arrangement of the basic rules and defines them in particular and briefly. A nanny contract can also protect both parties in case of a problem – you can refer to it later if you need to solve a problem. A nanny agreement allows you to meet your requirements for limits and concerns in order to stop painful or uncertain situations. If you invite someone into your home and family, it is important to plan the relationship through the contract. With a nanny agreement, you can transfer your wishes regarding care and boundaries in order to avoid rude or risky situations. It can also protect you if a disagreement ever arises. The ninth article, «IX. Transport», we must document the financial responsibility of the employer for the transport of the child by the nanny if necessary. There are four choices to choose from, mark the field with the inscription «Make a vehicle available to the nanny», «Give the nanny her transport… «, or «Do not give a refund» If none of them is an accurate description of the employer`s role with regard to the nanny`s transportation costs, mark the field called «Other», and then explain: what transportation costs the employer will bear in the blank line indicated. The next point, which requires a definition, is entitled «X.

Other advantages» and allows multiple selection. You can choose as many of these defined benefits as the employer wishes to provide under this agreement as adequately or not at all. Each selection is attached to a blank line in which you must continue to set the benefit (depending on the policy, program name, amount, etc.). Some can be documented in this section «Health insurance», «Public transport», «Parking», «university education» and «mobile phone». This agreement requires us to specify how the employer and nanny want to handle the nanny`s days off. First, mark either the «Paid» or «Unpaid» field in the article «XI. Time-Off» to find out if the employer continues to compensate the nanny, even if she is not working….