Your independent contractor agreement with the gym should address issues related to insurance, workers` compensation premiums, and the impact of liability in the event of a breach of one of your customers by a fitness device. Do not assume that you are protected by gym insurance or that they assume responsibility for injuries to you or any of your customers, even if such a violation takes place on their property. Ask a lawyer to review a subcontract or contractor`s contract before signing it, to make sure it is not unfavorable to you as an independent contractor. You`ll likely be responsible for charging the gym for payment, although this is usually included in your contractor contract. Talk to a lawyer and accountant about the pros and cons of getting paid on behalf of your business unit and not on your behalf. Some states indicate a preference – Colorado, for example, prefers that independent contractors be paid on behalf of the business unit to overcome the assumption that they become an employee and not an independent contractor if you are paid in your personal name. Question 38 Example Podunk City Study Club Consent and disclosure between and constituent organization / sponsor / spokesperson Activity title ce: Contact person: City / State / Postal code: Company / commercial sponsor Location: Phone number:. An independent contractor agreement consolidates the nature of the coach`s relationship with the gym. It is important to read it carefully to ensure that the agreement covers all important topics. It is important to note that an independent contractor may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

As a rule, secrecy contains clauses that prevent an independent contractor from recruiting trainers in the gym where he has a contract and prevent a contractor from looking for the belongings of gym customers for a certain period of time. In addition, secrecy often prohibits an independent contractor from using information they receive during the term of their contract, which would otherwise not be available to the public, usually for a period beyond the termination of the relationship. Note that you must have such an agreement verified by a lawyer before signing. Legal principles state that an enterprise should attempt to restrict the actions of an independent contractor only if it were directly involved in that enterprise operating. Most confidentiality agreements cover a period between 6 (6) months and 2 (two) years after the end of the contractual period (or relationship) and are sufficiently limited geographically. This last part depends on the state you are in and should be checked with a lawyer. The gym and coach should make a clear deal….